For your chance to win one of 8 Alcatel 1 Smartphones (4 more to give away) answer one of the following questions to get an entry in the draw, the more answers you provide the more entries you will receive in the draw:

Episode 46 - "What is the name of the sex toy mentioned in the podcast?"
Episode 47 - "What has Latrobe University deployed in the classroom?"
Episode 48 - "What is 'Shift'?"
Episode 49 - "What do Brett & Aryeh recommend for riding on roads in the A and B Split Test segment?"

Episode 50 - "How many cameras does the Nokia 9 Pureview have?"
Episode 51 - "Why are we saying goodbye to Aryeh?"
Episode 52
 - "What is cool about Mooseman?"
Episode 53 - "What does 'Omni' mean?"
Episode 54 - "What is 'A' for in the 'It's all Geek to Me' segment?"
Episode 55 - "What does a backlink do?"
Episode 56 -"What starts with 'C' in the 'It's all Geek to Me' segment?"
Episode 57 - "What starts with 'D' in the 'It's all Geek to Me' segment?"

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